"Off With His Head:" Court upholds Obama’s power to kill

Published on Apr 10, 2014

Michael Ratner: There have been no criminal prosecutions for illegal actions committed by the U.S. in the name of national security since 9/11

Michael C. Rupert Has Died of an Apparent Suicide


Michael Rupert was a former LA Police officer and a firm believer in peak oil who wrote on it extensively. He was well known enough that a 2009 movie, Collapse, was created in part to showcase his ideas exclusively. He was also featured on several other documentaries featuring possible…


If you are going to watch ONE video regarding Bundy Ranch, let it be this one.

What happened in Clark County Nevada struck a nerve with the American people, but the response we saw had very little to do with this particular crisis. There is something much deeper brewing under the surface in the United States. This showdown was just a catalyst.

It wasn’t the greatest atrocity of the decade or even of the year. I wish people had felt this moved by the NSA’s domestic spying program, or the secret kill list, or the drone program, or the Libyan war, or the Iraq war or the Afghan war. I wish people had been activated by something bigger than the plight of a cattle rancher. But you know what? We don’t get to pick the breaking point.

Rosa Parks sparked a civil rights movement with her refusal to sit in the back of the bus. Clive Bundy almost started the 2nd American revolution by refusing to let the feds run him over.

What we saw in Nevada clearly demonstrated just how easily that breaking point can be reached.

Now even knowing the real story, hearing about militia mobilizing all over the country to come physically defend the Bundy family is probably still very disconcerting for many progressives, this was a very dangerous situation. A lot of people could have ended up dead. But consider this: remember back in 2011 when riot police swooped in to brutally crush the occupy movement? Remember how you felt? No one stood up for them. No one fought back. And what was the result? The thugs won.The media quickly switched to a new distraction, and the public forgot.

Imagine if it had been different. Imagine if people swarmed in from all over the country; not to wave signs in the air, but to stand up for your rights; even if they disagreed with you politically. That didn’t happen, but it should have.

Harry Reid must be brought to justice. In the video, StormCloudsGathering calls for his viewers to contact everyone they know, especially friends and family in the military and law enforcement.

I’ve contacted my brother in the Navy, but it’s not enough. I made this White House petition (lol petitions) because even though I doubt their effectiveness, there’s still a chance. Maybe 200,000 people sign it, and maybe the administration ignores it — if they do, their ignorance will become yet more proof that the State has disassociated itself from the people it claims to represent.

U.S. agency ends Nevada cattle roundup, releases herd after stand-off


cowards always run when you stand up to them.


We all know its not about a tortoise, its about showing their authority. I wish they cared as much about putting fraudulent banksters in prison..but wait, they give them trillions of taxpayer dollars in bailout money. Crazy times we live in

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